The location of Mytikas in wich our complex is also located, makes an ideal base for excursions to all surrounding areas. In particular, around Mytikas and Preveza you can visit many recreational, archaeological, historical, mythological, ecological attractions, or a combination of the above sources, such as Acheron, Oracle, Parga, Lefkas, Sivota, Ancient Nicopolis (Roman Theatre , Conservatory, Nymphaeum, thermal) and the new Museum of Ancient Nicopolis, Zalogo and Folklore Museum, Ruins of Ancient Cassiopeia, Roman Aqueduct, Wetland of Amvrakikos Bay, and of course many beaches for all kind of tastes, as the entire beach from Preveza and in length of 60 km is magnificent and suitable for swimming. You can also enjoy daily cruises to Amvrakikos Gulf and Paxos.a.

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